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Decitex injection 50mg

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Le Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal de Toulon – La Seyne-sur-Mer montre l’exemple. En savoir plus

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Unità di misura Titolazione diretta. 1 Tex = 1 grammo ogni km di filo (utilizzato nelle fibre a bava continua e per quelle ottenute filando il fiocco di fibre chimiche).

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One of the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives is when they decide to become a homeowner. For many, particularly in more urban environments, the ...

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Ich habe nochmal genau nachgeschaut. Decitex beschreibt lediglich das Gewicht der Faser, nicht wie von mir versehentlich falsch geschrieben, die Resfestigkeit.

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Tex le tex

C'est l'unité normalisée internationale depuis 1956. Unité de titrage des fils et filés,c'est le poids en grammes de 1000 m de fil. Le sous-multiple décitex (dtx ...

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Count is a numerical value, which express the coarseness or fineness (diameter) of the yarn and also indicate the relationship between length and weight(the mass per ...

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D. Decitex - The international standard for yarn weight measurement. Decitex is defined as the weight in grams of 10,000 meters of yarn. Denier - This is a weight ...

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